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Safari Lifestyles is a real safari company providing Tailor Made and Scheduled Safaris throughout Botswana. Our unique position affords us the ability to be experts in our field. Experiencing every level of safari imaginable, we have an intimate and personal knowledge of all the regions here and are informed as to where and when to visit.

Botswana is a spectacular wildlife destination which hosts some of the most diverse regions in Africa. From the Okavango Delta to the Central Kalahari, no other country has so much expanse of wilderness preserved for its flora and fauna.

Here you will not find anything other than good, honest and free advice, and if you decide to book then we promise to give you the best prices possible. Our website is quite comprehensive and full of information, so let us guide you through it.

A safari can be an extraordinary and life changing experience. Our role is to guide you through it, from where to go, and what to wear… we have spent a long time doing this so you are in good hands.

At Safari Lifestyles, we have lived, breathed and worked in the industry for many years… after all, if we are not in the office organizing your safari, then we are probably on safari ourselves.

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What is Botswana Great For...?

One of the most diverse wildlife regions in Africa, with amazing activities which immerse you in a world almost untouched by man. Botswana has an extremely low population and thus human encroachment is small. Arguably the best destination for fly-in lodge and mobile camping safaris, whether its a Tailor Made trip or a Scheduled departure… here are some of our favorite theme based camps.

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The Secrets of Botswana

The Okavango Delta
A world heritage site and one of the most prolific wildlife areas in Africa
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Big Cats
Botswana is a predator rich country, full of big cats
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Wild Dogs
Arguably the healthiest and largest population in the world
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Experience the silence of the Okavango drifting in a traditional mokoro
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Green Season
Often looked over, the green season can be spectacular
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Mobile Safaris
Simply the best country in Africa for Mobile Camping
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The Salt Pans
Extraordinary and unique... a vast landscape
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A myriad of landscapes to explore on foot
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Botswana - a wildlife destination

Elephant in Botswana

The size of France or Texas… and at a surprisingly high altitude of 3000 feet. The country is still predominantly Kalahari desert, but seems nothing like this with its beguiling mixture of 8 distinct safari regions.A massive wildlife country with something approaching 50% of its landmass dedicated to wildlife areas… from the central Kalahari regions, through the huge Salt Pans of the Makgadikgadi… onwards through the stunning Okavango and through Savute and up to Chobe… Arguably there is no other country in Africa which offers such diversity. 

Wildlife numbers of such rare predators like wild dogs are thriving, and with the reintroduction of rhino, we can see the future of Botswana leading the way as the custodian of good wildlife management. Tourism is low impact, meaning relative exclusivity. Basing yourself at one of our lodges or undertaking a real expedition with a Mobile Tented Safaris offers you the chance to get up close to one of the last true untouched wilderness areas on the continent.

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