About Us

Been there... Seen this... Done that

… mokoros… boats…. helicopters…. game drives…. sundowners…. night drives…. photography…. canoeing…. ridden horses…. quad biked…. acted as a tripod for a meerkat……..  been charged at…..  snarled at…. hissed at…..

we have done it all…!

An Honest Approach

We felt the name Safari Lifestyles to be appropriate as this is the lifestyle choice we ourselves have made, living on the edge of the Okavango Delta is pretty much “living the dream”.  Our spare time is mostly spent photographing Leopards in Khwai, visiting Lodges in the Linyanti or fishing for Tiger Fish in the Chobe….  But most of the time of course we are looking after you.

We do aim to be different. We know that you have choices in whom to book with, however, if you really want to know how it feels to sit in silence at sunset in the middle of 1000 buffalo…  to be escorted to a bees nest by a honey-guide bird with its symbiotic relationship with man…  or to be accepted by a pack of wild dogs whilst on the hunt, then Safari Lifestyles have made it our goal to show you.

It is not all about knowing the lodges intimately, we do know all the lodges intimately and have worked for many of them over the years…. It is more about knowing that certain areas have changed, knowing how the yearly floods we experience have altered the dynamics for the lodges and wildlife viewing, knowing why this year is better to take one mobile safari over another… knowing that going to the Salt Pans in the Makgadikgadi where it appears to be seemingly game-less can be one of the best safari experiences you will ever have.

Our experience in the bush and close relations with all the operators will ensure that your trip is organised in such a way as to expose you to the best that Botswana and the surrounding countries have to offer.

We believe that this is a “people” industry. We are going to do our very best to ensure that you visit the right places at the right time and experience the African wilderness the way you want to. In order to do that, knowledge is the key!

As a family, we live by Okavango Delta in the safari town of Maun, north west Botswana. As such we know the wildlife areas and concession operators extremely well and this gives us the unrivaled opportunity to pass on our expertise to you.

Roger Turski


Born and raised in London, England, Roger was schooled and educated through a career in the banking sector of the city’s “square mile“.

His fascination with the bush started with the early black and white television broadcasts of Anglia TV’s “Survival” program, giving the interested viewer their first chance to witness the wonders of African wildlife.

A natural traveller, it wasn’t long before Roger combined this passion for the bush with his love for photography and travelled to Africa for his first of many safaris.  Many years ago now, he decided to have a complete career change and volunteered to work in a bush camp in the remote Linyanti region of Botswana.

Roger has been living on the edge on the world famous Okavango Delta for many years now and has travelled the wilds of the country extensively, often on his own, in pursuit of photography. He set up Safari Lifestyles so that others may enjoy the wonders of Botswana whilst on an informed basis.  Roger is the Safari Lifestyles Photographic Safari expert.

Dee Turski

Dee 1

Dee is South African born. After completing a stint in the Highlands of Scotland, Dee moved to Botswana in 1997, where she used to spent her childhood family holidays. What was meant to be brief visit soon became home and she landed her first job as a safari camp manager.  Four years down the line she moved on to opening a remote safari camp deep in the heart of Namibia’s Skeleton coast.

The Okavango beckoned once again and Dee’s ability to find work in the most remote of locations soon took hold and she was back in Botswana once more, only this time managing the logistics for a mobile safari company. Having spent more time in the bush than the office, Dee’s knowledge of the area is undeniably thorough.

Dee now lives on the edge of the Thamalakane River and still continues to visit and explore Botswana’s wilderness with her husband Roger. Dee has probably more experience than most in all aspects of safari travel in Botswana, and has since realised her second passion and is a well known local interior designer for Botswana Lodges and jewellery maker.

Come join us on safari...!!