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Kalahari Plains is not the most palatial of camps, it is simply built in canvas and gumpole, but it is the area it resides in and its eco-friendliness that give it our high ranking.

There are actually only 2 camps in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and this camp is well sited being close enough to Deception Valley where most of the game activity occurs during the wetter months.

All power in camp is solar and this is not a common thing in Botswana therefore Kalahari Plains represent the way forward. We like the camp because, in what is quite a flat environment, it tries not to stand out too much and blend in very well… something hard to achieve in this area.

Of particular note is the accommodation, which although quite simple, is constructed in a way so that you can sleep out on the roof at night… this we think is an incredible experience to enjoy, especially as if this camp was in the Delta it would attract a far higher nightly rate.


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Outside from the enormous plain in front of camp, other prime wildlife viewing areas include places with evocative names such as Deception Valley and Sunday Pan. The former is all that remains of an ancient riverbed which today is an 80km-long gentle valley floor covered with short palatable grasses interspersed with picturesque tree islands. The name ‘Deception’ is derived from the mirage effect caused by the dry surface of the pan halfway along its length which often appears misleadingly full of water.

During the summer months, after much-needed rains, the area where Kalahari Plains is situated is characterised by lush green landscapes, floral displays and pans that fill with water. At this time of year these verdant flatlands are alive with aggregations of gemsbok, springbok and blue wildebeest. As a result of these numbers, predator concentrations are also high and sightings of the almost mythical black-maned Kalahari lion are complemented by some of the best cheetah viewing in Africa. Black-backed jackal and bat-eared fox also occur, with wild dog and leopard seen on occasion. Other mammal possibilities include steenbok, red hartebeest, giraffe and the charismatic ground squirrels and meerkats (suricates).

In the winter months, the Kalahari is more typically a desert-type system: warm and dry. Game viewing remains productive and moves into the vegetated dunal belt and pan systems surrounding the valleys; a series of ecologically placed waterholes further enhance wildlife viewing.

After sunset the Kalahari is alive with the sounds of roaring lion, White-faced Scops-Owls and the garrulous calls of barking geckos.

The avifauna in the reserve is equally diverse with over 220 species recorded to date. There are significant healthy populations of regionally threatened species such as Kori Bustard and Lappet-faced Vulture, as well as a variety of arid-west endemic species like Burchell’s Sandgrouse, Grey-backed Sparrowlark, Kalahari Scrub-Robin and African Wren-Warbler. The vivid colours of Crimson-breasted Shrike and Violet-eared Waxbill provide a startling contrast to the sometimes stark surroundings.

Game Drives

Morning and afternoon game drives are taken in the region

Bushman Walks

Learn more about this fascinating region with the San people

Sleep Outs

Spend a restful sleep under the nights sky


Kalahari Plains Camp, in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, offers one of the most remote experiences in Africa today. This camp is beautifully placed within the Kalahari Desert biome, a place famed for its outstanding wildlife with vast herds of antelope followed by abundant predators – including the legendary black-maned Kalahari lions.

This region also offers some of the best summer wildlife viewing in Africa.

The main area consists of a lounge and dining area with an inviting swimming pool and deck area. The tents and main area are all raised off the ground to catch the breeze and take in the sweeping, spacious views across the Kalahari. This is a simple canvas and gumpole built camp in keeping with its surroundings. It is designed to not be imposing, as the surrounding environment is mainly bush scrub albeit with commanding views.

Classically styled in three sections, the central area has a small bar and just outside there is a staircase that leads to a viewing platform above the lodge, here you can view the huge landscape from a height with your glass of wine. To one side is a simple dining area and to the other side is a comfortable lounge area. Outside the main lodge on the packed sand is a boma with fire pit to enjoy your Kalahari evenings and also a separate small pool with shaded area, both of which are a welcome relief from the desert heat.

Room Description

Each accommodation unit is reached via a path on the ground form the main area. The units are all built in a square chalet style from the same materials as the main lodge, canvas and gumoples. The interiors are quite roomy and simply but well furnished with a large comfortable bed with a view and a writing desk and armchair.

Each unit also has a well laid out en-suite bathroom for you to wash down the dust of the day. The chalets are all built on raised platforms and have an extended veranda for you to sit and enjoy the view.

Perhaps the most interesting plus point with these chalets is the viewing platform that is built on top of each of them. They are reached via a stairway from the veranda and do make the structure look a little odd. However the greatest benefit of these viewing decks is the ability to sleep out on them, providing you with quite a unique experience of sleeping out under the stars of the Kalahari Desert.

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