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Mostly Wet Camp

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Kanana is a nice intimate, generally water based camp. The lodge is sited amongst the permanent channels of the Okavango Delta with extensive areas of flood plains.

Not really a big game area (although there is plenty of game to see), you can conduct perfectly good game drives here but the area probably will not give you the sightings that other camps can. Having said that though, the last time we visited we did follow a beautiful male lion through the evening.

You should definitely come here for the water experience. Because of the amount of flood plains, your mokoro excursions are fantastic, instead of being poled through safe small channels where most of the time you may not see much, depending on water levels here you can be poled through large open areas which is much more interesting visually. Here there is also a superb heronry visited by boat that is a dream for the photographer and birder alike.

The accommodation is great as well as the service and food.

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Besides the elephant, a wide variety of other game frequent the life-giving force of the Delta, including impala, lechwe, hippo, crocodile and lion. Kanana Camp is one of the few lucky camps in the Okavango Delta to have an exclusive heronry where many migratory water birds come to hatch their young from July onwards. This is a very important nesting site for these birds and one of the few in the Delta.

The species you are likely to see roosting here include the yellow bill stork, marabou, open bill stork, darters, cormorants and slate egrets. Kanana Camp regularly reports sightings of the rare Pel’s fishing owl in addition to hyena, which has also become a rare sighting in this area.

Even more rare are the situanga antelope, which live in swamps and are very good swimmers. They may take to the water to evade predators such as leopards or wild dogs, lying submerged in pools with only their nostrils above the surface.

Wildlife Activities

Your days are spent traversing the area on game drives

Game Drives

Experience the nocturnal movements of predators

Night Drives

Getting as close to nature as you dare


Drifting gently through the Delta waters in the traditional manner


Motor boats traverse the permanent waters of the Okavango Delta


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Children Policy

Children of 7 years and older accepted

The Camp

Camp Overview

A hidden jewel on the Xudum River, Kanana is located in the southwest of the Okavango Delta. The area encompasses a necklace of islands dotted with palms, figs, ebony and knobthorn, and is home to a myriad of birds, plants and animals. The nature of the habitat means it is the perfect place to experience the diversity of species found within the Okavango Delta.

Lodge Layout

The camp is built in the forested area by the Xudum river and takes full advantage of the trees around the area thus giving the camp a slightly tropical feel.

Raised on high decking the construction is fairly open and made of gumpoles and canvas roof. The design is of dark woods and carpets on polished flooring, the lodge has managed to create the effect of niche seating areas with interesting outlooks. The lounge and general seating areas are filled with comfortable wooden and fabric settees and armchairs, there is also a self service bar. Down on a long stretch of this main area is a large dining table for your meals.

Outside is a large veranda with plenty of loungers, this leads on to a set of steps down to ground level where a fire pit is situated right at the waters edge, here there is a boat launching deck and you will arrive back here from your water excursions.

Away slightly from the main area is a decked area with a good sized swimming pool.

Room Description

Each tent is built upon a raised deck and all have good views.

There is a small veranda to the front with seating; double sliding doors take you to the inside.
The rooms are simple in design and are made from timber and canvas with wooden flooring. There is a large bed with mosquito netting, wooden armchairs, a large canvas wardrobe and a writing desk.

At the rear and behind the bed is a door that leads to a simple en-suite with basins and a simple shower.

Camp Environment

The annual floods transform parts of this concession into a true water paradise, offering guests the best of both worlds

Dependent on the height of annual floods, the level of water transforms this camp into a true water experience and in the early months of the year you may actually enjoy the visible spectacle of the water rising around the camp.

Kanana Camp is built among spectacular shade trees of ebony, knob thorn acacia and the sausage tree and fronts onto the Xudum River.

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