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Motswiri Camp is set in the same area as the famous Zarafa and Selinda Camps, right on the southern tip of this Greater Linyanti Reserve. Its a fantastic area for game although definitely on the wetter side than the other two camps due to its closer proximity to the central Okavango Delta. Being set on the Selinda Spillways is a great advantage to it for fantastic game sightings.

Because of this water phenomenon, the camp has been very well set up to maximise potential for its horse safaris where you will be able to gallop through the delta waters right alongside giraffe, antelope and all the other game that reside here… wild dog sightings have been a recent consistent interaction.

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The Main activities of this unique camp is split between Horse Riding and Walking, hence the camp is not a classic bush activity destination for Botswana.

The riding is simply superb in the reserve. The terrain is a mix of open flood plain, dry savannah and riverine bush, resulting in great change in pace and experiences as each day evolves.

We have between twenty and twenty four horses, ranging from Thoroughbreds to Boerperds, Arabs and Kalahari crosses, large to small. All are well schooled, well fed and cared for, well turned out and acclimatised to the area and to the game that you will encounter. We aim to offer a choice of English or trail saddles. Rides will not normally comprise more than six guests, and each ride is lead by a guide and accompanied by a back up.

Up to six hours per day are spent in the saddle – riding fitness is a distinct bonus! You must be able to rise to the trot, and control your horse at all speeds. We endeavour to match the riding ability of those on the rides so that all travel at a pace that matches riding ability. You may be required to gallop out of trouble, so we cannot take beginners, and it will be at the Company’s discretion as to whether novice riders can be accepted, taking their own safety and that of the group as a whole into account.

You will be required to complete our Riding Questionnaire, which will enable us to match you to a horse that will suit. Riders should be aged 12 and over, and not be heavier than 95kgs, 210 lbs or 15 stone. It is entirely the responsibility of the client to supply their own well fitted hard hat or helmet, and the Company neither provides such hats nor accepts any liability for injury sustained as a result of failure to wear appropriate protection

Wildlife Activities

Your days are spent traversing the area on game drives

Game Drives

Experience the nocturnal movements of predators

Night Drives

Getting as close to nature as you dare


Drifting gently through the Delta waters in the traditional manner


Boating through the season Delta channels


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The Camp

Camp Overview

Motswiri is located on the banks of the spectacular Selinda Spillway, an ancient watercourse linking the Okavango and Kwando-Linyanti floodplains.

The reserve combines the open floodplains of the Okavango Delta to the immediate west and north of camp with the riverine forests lining the Spillway to the east. We operate exclusively in over 120,000 pristine acres. Each day’s safari starts and finishes in the comfort of the camp. Delicious, wholesome food is a given, and there is an opportunity to relive (and possibly enhance!) the events of the day over a candlelit dinner each evening.

During the dry season, longer safaris can include a ride out to our rustic but comfortable fly camp, facilitating exploration of the more remote and inaccessible parts of the reserve.

Lodge Layout

The central mess area boasts a large, comfortable sitting area with separate dining. It has wonderful views of the spillway and the wildlife that is attracted to it to drink. There is a discreet sunbathing area with its own plunge pool to jump into when the going gets a bit too hot!

Quite simple in style, the camp is laid mainly to wood decking canvas and gumpole with simple wooden furniture.

Room Description

Sited on the raised banks of the Spillway, the five tents are airy, spaced well apart and each has its own self-contained shower, loo and large decked veranda, and can be configured for double bed or twin accommodation. Families are welcome and the camp has a specially designed family tent.

The separate fly camp is a more rustic affair, though tents and beds are perfectly comfortable, with ample space to stand up and move about.

Each tent is equipped with a long drop loo and bucket shower. A trip to fly camp enables access to the more remote areas of the reserve, where you will encounter differing landscapes and game viewing experiences. Fly camp closes during the rainy season, typically from December to March each year, though the precise beginning and end of the rainy season do vary.

Camp Environment

The reserve is unusual in its clear definition between floodplains and permanently dry areas, making it uniquely suited to both riding and walking safaris. Whether you wish to spend your whole safari on a horse or on foot, or to mix the two, this is a very interesting part of Botswana

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