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Dry Camp

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The group owners of the camp are known for their style in design and excellent service, and this camp shows their product off perfectly.

This is a lovely camp in a lovely setting with very good and stylish accommodation in a beautiful area, which promotes water activities as its strong point.

Not necessarily an area with high densities of game, your traditional water activities will more than make up for this with their attentive guides. It does depend upon the seasons travelled though as the water here can be an attraction to game as they wander through the regions.


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The Okavango Delta is home to a large number of species, including semi-aquatic species, such as the elegant red lechwe and shy sitatunga. Families of hippo hide in the deeper channels and lagoons, while the unique Delta environment supports many minute but beautiful species, including multicoloured frogs and incandescent dragonflies. The area supports the continent’s largest surviving concentration of elephant and buffalo, while roan and sable antelope roam the open woodlands. Nxabega means place of the giraffe and these elegant animals are abundant in the surrounding areas.

One of the most common antelope in the Okavango, the red lechwe is especially adapted for the swampy conditions it lives in. Its splayed, elongated hooves give it a sure footing, allowing it to inhabit the outskirts of the permanent swamps. The Okavango is also a stronghold for the endangered African wild dog, although sightings of this rare animal are relatively uncommon. Exhibiting a fascinating social structure, wild dog live in packs led by a dominant pair, with a strict social hierarchy. Although particularly nocturnal and difficult to spot, leopard live in the dense riverine thickets of the Delta.

With an incredible wealth of species, the Okavango is a haven for birding enthusiasts. One of its most sought after species is the huge but elusive Pel’s fishing owl, which roosts in the densest evergreen thickets. A quintessential African sound, the haunting call of the fish eagle can be heard echoing over the channels of the Okavango. The Delta also boasts the largest population of the endangered wattled crane, a large and beautiful species. The African jacana, with its extraordinarily long toes, skims along the top of floating vegetation, giving the impression that it is walking on water.

Game Drives

Morning and afternoon game drives are taken in the region

Night Drives

Amazing activity witnessed after dark


Drifting gently through the floodplains in a dug-out canoe


A boating safari gives you the quintessential Okavango experience

Walking Safaris

Experience nature close up on foot


Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp combines more than just two worlds – the remote and wild game viewing experience of Botswana’s lush grasslands offsets the intricate detail of the hidden world of the Delta’s waterways, while the simplicity of canvas merges with the elegance of an exclusive club.

Meaning “Place of the Giraffe,” Nxabega is ideally positioned to explore the magnificence of the Okavango. The wide open channels of the Delta spread in front of the camp, inviting guests to discover a world full of adventure.

The Camp is known for its elegant tented accommodation with breathtaking views of the ever-changing Okavango Delta.

Tucked under a canopy of massive ebony trees, Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp reveals the splendour and variety of the Okavango in all its glory. Sheltered by dense forest thickets, yet opening up onto wide, expansive views over lagoons and channels, the Camp showcases the best of what the Delta has to offer. Nine exclusive tented suites are strung out on either side of the camp’s handsome thatched guest areas.

Sweeping guest areas are nestled under shady boughs and provide a cozy place to while away the afternoon hours. Gaze onto distant views or take refuge in dark wooden paneling and leather fittings beneath the steep thatched roof. Gleaming wooden floors and comfortable reed chairs under a blazing chandelier add spice and warmth to meals served in the gleaming dining room, with wide open doors pulled back to stunning Delta views.

The main structure is made of wood and thatch that is built on a raised deck which at the front steps down to the grass and floodplains beyond. the veranda has a variety of seating where tea and coffee is served looking over the great views. to one side of the veranda down a walkway is a nice sized plunge pool with sun loungers.

Inside, the small lounge area is decorated in muted African colours with fabric seating and soft furnishings. A bar is also present as is an open fire for the colder months. At one end is a good-sized dinning area.

Room Description

Raised on wooden platforms, the spacious tented suites let in the sights and sounds of the African bush. Escape the heat of the day with a dip in the pool or take in the sun on the broad viewing deck looking out over reeds and floodplains. Cowhide rugs on the floors and chocolate tones warm and gratify, while large spinning fans keep the heat at bay.

Bush paths lead you to all the accommodation, which are long narrow tents similar to Meru style tents, raised on decking with a small veranda to the front that has seating for relaxation. Inside, a comfortable bed dominates and sits on wooden decking which has a large mat for its floor covering including more cow hides. There is space for your clothing in a drawer unit and shelves. The en-suite bathroom area is on decking with a singe bowl wooden vanity unit.

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