Situated on a heart shaped island in Okavango

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Swimming Pool


Wet Camp

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Pelo Camp sits on a beautiful small island in the incredible Jao Concession which hosts the beautiful Jacana and Kwestani camps together with the exquisite Jao Camp and the wildlife paradise of Tubu Tree.

Pelo is a new camp so it has only a basic reputation at the moment but that doesn’t worry us here at Safari Lifestyles at all as we know the team and its run very well….. Mainly, its great achievement is that it has allowed entry into this beautiful remote area at a very reasonable price considering other lodges.

Pelo is a water based camp only and is not open all year due to its location, but it makes the perfect and tranquil end to a wildlife filled safari…. We know the management company very well and also know the Jao Concession very well, Pleo is one of the least expensive ways to get to the real Okavango Delta…. Superb area…!!


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This is one of the most spectacular areas of the Okavango Delta with shallow floodplains, hidden lagoons and quiet waterways dotted with small riverine forested and palm islands waiting to be explored.

This is a remote Okavango water camp; wildlife to be seen include elephant, hippo, lechwe, reed buck, sitatunga and crocodiles, to name a few. Spectacular birding, with some 450 species recorded.

Wildlife Activities

Drifting gently through the Delta waters in the traditional manner


Motor boats traverse the permanent waters of the Okavango Delta



The word Pelo in Setswana means ‘heart’ – a fitting name inspired by the distinct heart-shaped island on which the camp is built in the heart of the Jao Concession. This is the Delta as it is meant to be enjoyed – remote, genuine, and wild.

The lodge is nestled on its own private and small island. If you imagine the island as shape of a heart then the camp and its immediate environs are all located to the left of this little slice of paradise.

Mostly, the camp is made up of tented structures. The main living areas consist of two separate tents, one of which houses the main dining and eating area and the other is the lounge which is an open-sided affair set amongst trees. Plenty of comfortable seating is available inside and outside this rustic communal area.

Outside and close to the waters edge is a sunset and lookout deck and an outside bar, close by is the jetty from where the activities can start and return.

It is also found pretty much as deep into the heart of the Okavango Delta as it is possible to be. Opened on 15 July 2013, the camp is completely eco-friendly with no permanent structures and makes a welcome and quite reasonably prices addition to our Lodges in the Delta

Room Description

Rooms are quite basic but very good indeed. All of them are located down one side of the island and reachable via pathways on the ground. the 5 tents in total plus 1 Guides or pilots tents are classic Meru Tents with the entrance being a large zipped mosquito netting at the front.

Inside is a modest but very large and comfortable bed together with a writing table and a small coffee area.

To the rear is the private toilet and washbasin area and close by is the exit to the outside bucket which is filled upon request with hot water.

Pricing 2021

Rates are per person per night – all inclusive

  • March & April $541
  • May $743
  • June - October $945
  • November $541

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