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Dry Camp

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Beautifully build and stunning appointed. Sandibe is designed to mimic a weaver bird’s nest.

This is an opulent camp and is the premier lodge for &Beyond in Botswana.

The surrounding forests make this a stunning g place to be, with access to good densities of game and permanent channels of the Okavango Delta


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While lion are commonly encountered in the area surrounding Sandibe, they are not the only predator found in the area. Although predominantly nocturnal and difficult to spot, leopards are fairly common throughout the Okavango, particularly in dense riverine forest. The most secretive of the large cats, leopard prey on anything from medium-sized antelope to birds and rodents, and have even been known to eat fish stranded in shrinking pools as floodwaters recede.

Apart from the more commonly encountered predators, the Okavango is also a stronghold for the endangered African wild dog, although sightings of this rare animal are relatively uncommon. Exhibiting a fascinating social structure, wild dog live in packs led by a dominant pair, where each individual has a place in a strict social hierarchy. Greeting ceremonies between members of the pack precede the hunt, which generally takes place twice a day and involves the entire pack in an open chase that relies on the dogs’ stamina to run down their prey.

One of the most commonly encountered antelope in the Okavango, the red lechwe is especially adapted for the swampy conditions it lives in. Its splayed, elongated hooves give it a sure footing in muddy conditions, allowing it to inhabit the outskirts of the permanent swamps, where it feeds on the lush semi-aquatic grasses. A striking sight with their rust red coats, herds of female lechwe gather to feed in the choice grazing areas, where eager males join them during the breeding season in November.
With an incredible wealth of species, the Okavango is a haven for birding enthusiasts. One of its most sought after species is the huge but elusive Pel’s fishing owl. Living in pairs, this rare bird roosts in the densest evergreen thickets, emerging to haunt its favourite fishing spots after sunset. The owl only breaks this tight seclusion during the cool winter months, when it emerges to back in the warmth of the early morning sun.

A quintessential African sound, the haunting call of the fish eagle can often be heard echoing over the channels of the Okavango. More plentiful here than anywhere else in the world, these intensely territorial birds challenge competitors to regular calling duets. With their striking chestnut and white colours, breeding pairs of fish eagle may nest as close as 500 meters apart in this ideal habitat.

Game Drives

Morning and afternoon game drives are taken in the region

Night Drives

Amazing activity witnessed after dark


Drifting gently through the floodplains in a dug-out canoe


A boating safari gives you the quintessential Okavango experience

Walking Safaris

Experience nature close up on foot


Completely rebuilt to combine spectacular design with exceptional wildlife adventures, Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge re-opened its doors on 1st September 2014.

Situated on a private concession in the magnificent Okavango Delta, Sandibe boasts exclusive traversing rights over a vast stretch of land adjacent to the wildlife-rich Moremi Game Reserve. Inspired by nature and celebrating its stunning setting, the lodge features the best the Delta has to offer in terms of outstanding design, outstanding wildlife viewing and warm local hospitality.

Stairs rising out of bower of trees lead into cool and spacious interior, ending on a terrace set just above ground level. A curved wooden roof soars high overhead, creating a grand and immense sense of scale. High interiors let in the clear African light and the endless Delta horizons, while an interactive kitchen tantalises guests with the fragrant aroma of spices at each mealtime.

Warm and inviting, the vast expanse of the bar invites guests to linger over a sundowner drink or a morning cappuccino, enjoying spectacular views over a sea of papyrus from the elevated viewing deck. Descending to the shaded forest floor, a series of decks open out onto a lantern-lit boma formed from huge logs of descending size that mimic the tail bones of the pangolin.

Decorated in shade of copper and wood, intricately woven baskets abound throughout the guest areas, celebrating the arts and crafts of the Delta. The vast dining room is dominated by an immense table roughly carved from the root of an ironwood tree. Two large woven carpets duplicate the intricate patterns on the underneath of the area’s beautiful water lilies.

Grand interiors open out onto even grander vistas and every nook and cranny opens out onto unparalleled Delta views, even the cosy and intimate massage sala.

While the main guest areas embrace the shelter of the Delta forest, the eight elegant guest suites beep out from beneath its canopy, raised above the fringes of papyrus that line the Delta channels.

Room Description

The suites’ organic design, complete with hand-woven exteriors, reinforces this cosy and intimate illusion. Looking out over the Delta, the suites are nestled into the big trees and thickets that spring up around the water’s edge.

 The giant king-sized bed looks out on spectacular Delta views from underneath a dazzling white mosquito net. The sounds of Africa lull and soothe when you come awake in the morning, as elephants splash in the water, baboons chatter and birds call in the trees. Outdoor showers cater for those who simply cannot tear themselves away from the views, while discrete butler hatches add an aura of intimacy.

Sparkling private plunge pools mirror the cool waters of the Delta channels, while two large day beds invite guests to daydream away the afternoon gazing at a tranquil vista of water and sky. Presided over by twinkling, starry skies and set to the chorus of an orchestra of frogs, private meals are served on the large, elevated deck. Back inside, a wood-burning fireplace creates the ideal spot for cosy winter nights filled with reflection on adventures to be lived.

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