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Bedouin style camp right on the Selinda Spillway

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After staying here for a couple of nights you feel as if you are part of an extended luxury mobile safari… and this is a good thing as you are not left with the impression that you are visiting a normal lodge. It is beautifully designed and well decorated in a campaign style which will seemingly pack away with you for your travel to your next destination.

The quality of the guiding here is superb as is that of the game viewing and general services. Considering what this camp offers in terms of its unique styling and because it is situated in one of the most prolific game areas in Botswana, Selinda Explorers Camp represents remarkable value for money. We could not recommend this camp more.


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Selinda Reserve is famous for elephant and lion, wild dog and hippo, buffalo and giraffe. Some days we will spend hours with a single herd of elephants; other days we may track cheetah, or wait in a hide for Slaty egrets to arrive and fish. Wattled cranes, a highly coveted sighting, are often spotted here.

Made famous in Dereck and Beverly Joubert’s National Geographic films (Ultimate Enemies, Hunting with the Moon, The African Diaries), the Selinda Reserve is home to the hippo-killing lions. The hunting of large prey by lions is legendary, and a highlight, but random of course. It’s never guaranteed, but always a possibility. This is wild Africa, unpredictable and magical, where each day is different, thank goodness.

The open plains are an ideal habitat for cheetah and the thicker woodlands are refuge for leopard.
One of Africa’s most endangered predators, the African wild dog, is usually resident and the Selinda pack frequently dens in close proximity to the camp. Other common species include: large herds of buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, hippo, hyena, waterbuck, kudu, steenbuck, lechwe, and impala. Nocturnal species include civet, serval, wildcat, honey badger, springhares, aardvark and aardwolf.

Wildlife Activities

Your days are spent traversing the area on game drives

Game Drives

Experience the nocturnal movements of predators

Night Drives

Getting as close to nature as you dare


Canoe down the wildlife rich Selinda Splillway



Selinda Explorers Camp is located in the 320,000 acre Selinda Reserve of northern Botswana and is built on the banks of the Selinda Spillway, about one hour west of its sister camp, Selinda.

This classic camp, consisting of four custom-designed tents, transports us back to authentic safaris, but with a modern twist and hospitality. Subtly placed under the shade of the riverine forest, the camp is designed in the style of the early explorers both in philosophy and practice. Whiling away afternoons under the canopy of African ebony and Mopane trees, interspersed with walks and canoeing, make this a respite from the ‘daily grind’ of a traditional safari.

This authentic tented camp draws on traditions of the classic East African safari with beautifully detailed campaign style furniture made from recycled hard woods, and soft furnishings from Zanzibar and the East. The custom-designed semi-permanent tents consist of two rooms plus verandah, as well as a private open air ‘bustani bathroom’ with hot water bucket showers and flush loo. All tents are at ground level, including the main lounge and dining area.

This is an unassuming camp, light on its footprint but heavy on its experiential luxury. The atmosphere of the lodge is one of bush elegance with relaxed bohemian style, complemented by attentive staff, private professional service and fabulous food.

Simply designed, the lodge sits near the banks of the Selinda Spillways and the 4 tents fan out on either side, 2 on each side. Bush paths are cut as walkways to each tent and you do get the feeling that you are right in the middle of thick bush here. One tent is a family room for 4 people.

Room Description

Each of the four custom-designed, walk-in tents is expansive; however, in keeping with a bit of traditional safari, the en-suite flush loo and shower are attached and enclosed, but under the stars. Hot/Cold water are provided by jug on demand. The double-vanity copper vanities and dressing area make for spacious accommodation.

Stylishly decorated with campaign-style furniture, decanters of cognac and Persian rugs, the décor pays homage to the roots of safari. As a romantic touch, brass hip-baths can be portered to a nearby sand bank on the banks of the Spillway. And personal hammocks adorn each verandah.

We at Safari Lifetsyles love the style of this lodge and in particular its accommodation which we think feels like a very opulent mobile safari tents which just seems more traditional.

Pricing 2021

Rates are per person per night – all inclusive

  • January - March $915
  • April - June 14 $1010
  • 15 June - October $1535
  • November to 19 December $1010
  • 20 December - 10 January $1535

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