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Tubu Tree is a great little camp on the western side of the Delta in the Jao Concession, an area that we at Safari Lifestyles rate very highly.

It has fast gained a reputation for great game viewing in a concession that is normally considered wet. The camp however is in an area that is generally dry most of the year but does have a fair bit of water incursion when the floods come down. The benefit of this is the general activities of day and night drives is excellent due to their ability to venture off road, and when the floods do occur they can also take you on splendid mokoro trips.

The camp itself is lovely and in a great location and feels fairly intimate with its limited number of guests. This is a surprising camp in many ways and we rather like it. Combined with a stay at the other lodges in the wetter parts of the concession, it makes for a tremendous place to stay.


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Wildlife seen around Tubu Tree Camp includes elephant, lion, Burchell’s zebra, red lechwe, southern giraffe, tsessebe, and blue wildebeest on the floodplains. Kudu, impala, leopard and bushbuck are also seen in the forested areas. The variety of bird life is impressive, with dry-land species seen on the large islands and all the wetland birds seen on the floodplains and waterways.
In the central region of the Jao Concession, vast open floodplains provide some of the most stunning scenery of the region, with beautiful islands fringed with riverine forests.

Further west, the area gets progressively dryer and Hunda Island (which is the tip of a large ‘sand tongue’) on which Tubu Tree Camp is built is the largest area of dry land in the vicinity during the flood season. Hunda Island has sandveld vegetation supporting many species of nutritious acacia and grewia shrubs which provide excellent browsing.

The true wetland areas of the Okavango Delta are best known for their birdlife. The largest concentrations of endangered Wattled Crane are found in this area and Slaty Egrets, Rosy-throated Longclaws and African Skimmer are some of the specials that can be seen. Hallowed species such as Pel’s Fishing-Owl and Slaty Egret are found alongside more conspicuous and commonly seen Coppery-tailed Coucal, Pygmy Goose. The specialised African Skimmer (from which Wilderness Safaris takes its logo) may be seen on the larger lagoons and channels. A trip to Tubu Tree Camp is an absolute must for bird enthusiasts.

Tubu Tree Camp is set in the most densely populated wetland area for sitatunga antelope and red lechwe, and hippo and crocodile are regularly sighted. In the dry season lechwe, tsessebe, elephant, wildebeest and zebra are prevalent, with lion, cheetah and leopard often sighted. The many lion prides in this area have been extensively studied in recent years, thereby building up a more intimate knowledge of their behaviour.

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Morning and afternoon game drives are taken in the region

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Drifting gently through the floodplains in a dug-out canoe


A boating safari gives you the quintessential Okavango experience

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Tubu Tree Camp is a small, intimate experience built on the western side of Hunda Island, in the Okavango Delta’s Jao Concession. Usually a water-inundated area during the floods, Hunda Island is the largest stretch of dry land in the area.

This affords Tubu Tree Camp the most diverse game viewing within the concession, from the water-loving lechwe to blue wildebeest of the plains.

Tube Tree Camp as the name suggests, sits neatly within its environment. Mainly built on decking, which is in itself built on stilts, the height of the lodge gives the guests commanding views over the yearly floods and the floodplains. This main area is centrally located with 3 tented accommodations on either side.

The central living area is build in the classic tent style of just canvas and gumpoles. Built on a high deck this congregational zone is situated in thick vegetation which only adds to its ambiance. The lounge area is well decorated in earthy African colours and there is a separate dining area where people can enjoy good food whilst overlooking the floodplains.

The decking extends out to an outdoor bar area, which is seated under a beautiful marula tree from which no elephant can resist its fruit. Onwards further leads to a decked swimming pool.

Just outside to the front of camp is a sandy boma area and fire pit to enjoy your evening cocktails.

Room Description

The individual tents are raised up to 2 or 3 meters on decking and are reachable via sandy paths. The deck offer great views out and over the Delta, seating is provided for relaxation. Styled in the East African Safari look, each tent is simply constructed with darker wooden flooring and simple furnishings.

Entry via a double sliding door takes you into a room dominated by a centrally located large wooden bed. the rest of the main area has a small serving table for tea and coffee and a writing desk.

A large extended headboard separates this area from the en-suite bathroom almost dominated by a large concrete formed wash basin. To one side is a glass fronted shower. An outdoor shower is also provided.

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