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Dry Camp

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Opulent Modern Ski Chalet is what we thought when we visited Vumbura Plains. This may seem an odd way to describe a bush lodge, but this concept is an extraordinary lodge in many ways. It is quite sizable in there are actually two separately functioning lodges called North and South, both of which are to all intents and purposes identical and are attached by a raised walkway.

The architecture is quite unique and certainly you will not find anything like it Botswana. The accommodations are vast with private plunge pools, the main lodge area is also huge and beautifully styled in light coloured wood. Every care and attention is provided, from the fantastic dining to the varied activities. In fact the only gripe we have is that due to the numbers in both camps and that Little Vumbura is also close by, you can perhaps sometimes find too many vehicle vying for the same game sighting. This is alleviated somewhat in the fact that the concession is very big and very good for game.

We love Vumbura Plains

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Common trees found around Vumbura Plains Camp are the jackalberry, African mangosteen and the ubiquitous sausage tree, which provide shade food and shelter to a fantastic range of wildlife. Game drives in this region are incredibly productive, arriving guests often sighting their first game on the trip from airstrip to camp.

The annually flooded grasslands of the Okavango Delta surrounding Vumbura Plains Camp are locally referred to as ‘melapo’ and offer seasonal viewing of elephant, giraffe, impala, sable antelope, kudu, zebra, common waterbuck and reedbuck, tsessebe, wildebeest, red lechwe and Cape buffalo. Encounters with hippo and crocodile are common in the waterways. Predators include the African Wild Dog, several resident prides of lion, leopard, cheetah and the African wildcat.

The birding around Vumbura Plains Camp is as varied as it is exceptional all year round. In the summer many migrant species are present. Pel’s Fishing Owl is regularly seen, with other specials including Wattled Crane, Slaty Egret, Chirping Cisticola, Little Bee-eater, Fan-tailed Widowbird and possibly Rosy-throated Longclaw.

Wildlife Activities

Your days are spent traversing the area on game drives

Game Drives

Experience the nocturnal movements of predators

Night Drives

Getting as close to nature as you dare


Drifting gently through the Delta waters in the traditional manner


Motor boats traverse the permanent waters of the Okavango Delta


Whats Included

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Children Policy

Children of 6 years and older accepted

Up to 16 years: A child must share a room with an adult

Private Activities: For children up to 12, private activities must be booked

The Camp

Camp Overview

Vumbura Plains Camp lies in the extreme north of the Okavango Delta, on the edge of a large floodplain where lechwe often splash their way charmingly through the water. Vumbura Plains Camp encompasses such a wide variety of habitats and species, that guests can see just about every animal that occurs in the Okavango Delta biome.

Vumbura Plains Camp is a luxury camp situated in a private concession in the extreme north of the Okavango Delta. The concession, which is leased from the neighbouring community, includes a wide variety of habitats, diverse wildlife and an enormous traversing area of 60,000 hectares.

Lodge Layout

Quite an unusual camp in that there are two camps right next door to each other, both of which share a walkway as their connecton. North and South Vumbura are both set up to be equal in qulaity although one camps orientation differs slightly to the other. They are both built on raised decking to take advantage of the marvellous views over the plains.

All accommodation and general living areas are reached via a raised decked walkways, indeed it is perfectly possibly to walk from one camp to the other entirely on these walkways as they are directly connected although from one end of the entire complex to the other is approximately 1 kilometre long.

Both North and South Vumbura’s accommodation fan out either side of the main living area, the central point to both lodges is in fact the large and very well stocked curio shop which serves both. They are also both very similar in style. The main living area of the lodges are immense and constructed of light angular wood, you would not be forgiven in thinking that the style itself is akin to a modern ski lodge in the Swiss Alps, previously mentioned.

Decked and sunken lounge areas provide perfect relaxation points, these are furnished with exquisite objects of interest which you will undoubtedly not find in any other lodge in Botswana. Flanks of glass fronted concertina doors to the front and rear of this main area are usually kept open to create a very open planned feeling for the lounges and the centrally placed, walk-around bar. A seprate almost oversized dinning area completes what is a most extraordinary modern styled lodge.

To the front is a sweeping decked area that takes full advantage over the great views. From this veranda you take a short raised walkway out into the plains to reach a large square sunken seating area that seems private from the camp. This area has a fire pit for the evening and its bench styles are covered in soft furnishings.

Room Description

Like the main area itself, each accommodation is opulent and represents arguably some of the best accommodation of any Lodge in Botswana. Similar to the main area again, construction is of very light wood, each unit is roofed with thatch. It is the sheer size of the units though that stands out.

Outside is a private plunge pool with sun loungers to while away the hours in, there is a covered private outside lounge area for deep relaxing with views over the plains. They even provide you with a dining table and chairs should you wish to stay in your room for dinner.
Entrance to the chalet is via sliding gauze doors which are also reflected in the walls of the unit to give an open feel and a panoramic view. Centrally the voluminous bed dominates with its feature mosquito net.

To the base of the bed area is a large sunken lounge filled with top quality soft furnishings. The lounge is designed in such a way as to offer great views out over the veranda onto the plains whilst not impinging on the same views whilst laying in bed.
The suite also offers a writing desk and extra seating, together with a minibar; fans are provided to keep you cool in the heat.

Big shower area with unique flooring sits to one side. A large outside shower is also provided.

Camp Environment

What makes the Vumbura concession so unique is its position on the extreme north of the Okavango Delta. This position encompasses such a wide variety of habitats and species that it has representatives of just about every animal that occurs in the Okavango biome.

Vumbura Plains and Little Vumbura Camp are situated in the extreme north of the Okavango Delta in what is known locally as the Kwedi Reserve. Here the vegetation ranges from open floodplains to dense mopane bushveld – offering spectacular game viewing and birding opportunities all year round.

The permanent swamp and island habitats abound with beautiful treed islands of every size, surrounded by permanent waterways created both by the summer rains and the annual winter floodwaters of the Okavango Delta.

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