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Situated right on the Xugana lagoon, Xugana Island Lodge is in a beautiful area that represents some of the best Okavanago Delta vistas. This is a wet camp in that the activities are based around mokoro or motorboat trips where you can take in the large variety of wildlife including a vast array of birds. Fishing for bream and tiger fish are the order for the day as well as excellent bush walks on the surrounding islands.

Mainly though it’s the peace and tranquillity you will get from staring over the lagoon for hours and just listening to the sounds of the Delta. We love it here and as it’s a very reasonable cost we would recommend Xugana Island Lodge to anyone looking for this type of Delta lodge.

One last thing, and not to blow our own trumpet too much… the lodge interior was recently revamped, the designer of which was our very own Dee Gielink, director and owner of Safari Lifestyles. Even Roger, our resident wildlife photographer, has one of his wildlife photographs hanging in the lounge.


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This region as would be expected is strong on aquatic animals with large pods of hippo existing along side many and large crocodiles. Red lechwe are plentiful and this is a very good area to spot the hard to see sitatunga antelope.

Birdlife is also plentiful with something approaching 450 species of birds recorded. The areas regions are diverse but some of the birds most associated with the regions are revolve around the waterway and include the African fish eagle, African darter, great white pelican and saddle-billed stork.


A boating safari gives you the quintessential Okavango experience


Drifting gently through the floodplains in a dug-out canoe

Night Drives

Amazing activity witnessed after dark

Game Drives

Morning and afternoon game drives are taken in the region

Walking Safaris

Experience nature close up on foot


Xugana Lagoon is widely accepted as being the most spectacular permanent water site in the entire Okavango Delta, which in the midst of the Kalahari sands, is Africa’s largest and most awe-inspiring oasis.

The Okavango River rises in the highlands of Angola yet never reaches the sea; instead its immense waters empty over the sands of the Kalahari where its great desert thirst is quenched in a wilderness of fresh water lagoons, channels and islands.

The camp is set right on the lagoon nestling in amongst large trees. This is one of the best locations in the delta for a camp and the views can be magnificent. Xugana Island Lodge is one of the oldest lodge sites in the delta and as such some parts of the original camp still exist.

The main living area and accommodation all lie on the lagoons edge. The general living area was refurbished to a high standard in 2011. It is constructed mainly of solid wall and thatch and is presented on a highly raised decking that is cut around the trees to the front to make them a feature.

The whole front of the living area is totally open to benefit from the views over the lagoon. It is mainly comprised of two buildings. The first houses the lounge and dining area, which are split from each other. The lounge is tastefully decorated in a subdued African contemporary style in darker colours which contrasts well against the light coloured wall. There are African objects of interest placed upon the walls and around the leather seating. To the side is the covered dinning which is used when it is not suitable to dine outside.

The veranda outside is expansive and houses the second dining area for alfresco eating with stupendous views. The other end of the veranda has an extension that just out into the water and this is where the fire pit is for after dinner drinks. Separately on the decked veranda is another building which houses a lovely intimate bar, also decorated in simple dark elegant with a feature print of elephant tusks taken by a local photographer.

Room Description

The accommodation in the camp is also under thatch and built in the same way. From the veranda which has seating and views on the lagoon, you can enter the room through sliding doors.

The rooms walls are partly decorated by reeds but is stylishly simple by design. The large and accommodating bed sits under a mosquito net and on top of polished dark flooring. old style leather chest cases site at the foot of the bed. In the room is a serving tray for tea and coffee and also a smart writing desk. A nice touch on the walls is a descriptive reference to the hunters of old in Botswana and this goes to compliment the original age of this camp.

Through a doorway leads you to the en-suite where you will find a tiled wall area with solid wood vanity unit with double hand basins and a separate shower area with a great view.

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