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Trans Okavango..


.... this is what we call our boating safaris is Botswana... Safari Lifestyles will send you on a Trans Okavango, a guided Mobile Boating Safari, taking you from the Panhandle right through to the southern reaches of the Delta, exploring the Delta waterways en-route.


This is a full Trans Okavango and can take many days, we do however also offer shorter trips as well for those with less time. The minimum recommended stay is 3 nights.


Camp-sites are all extremely private and are set up on the fringes of the permanent channels, sometimes down some of the smaller channels onto one of the myriad of islands that make up the Delta.


These boat trips are fully serviced expeditions, there is an accompaniment of staff who will set up camp for you and do all the cooking, this leaves you with all the time to explore the Okavango Delta’s unique ecosystem by boat.

Safari Lifestyles offers a full range of Trans Okavango Boating Safaris, and due of the nature of these tours we do not offer set departures so it is best to contact us directly to discuss.

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