Vic Falls border town


Safari town of the north

Sitting on the banks of the Chobe River, the small town of Kasane is the northern entry point to Chobe National Park, and sits near the confluence with the Zambezi, where the four countries of Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia meet.

Kasane is much smaller than its operative sister Maun, but offers much more in the way of a tourism destination in its own right. The mighty Chobe River itself is a place of great natural beauty and offers exiting tiger fishing. The town can see a few herds of elephant wander right through as there are no fences with the parks boundaries.. Outer lying regions such as the Kasane Forest Reserve are often missed but are thick with game and only strengthen wildlife numbers right around this area.

Just across the border and within easy access across the Kazangula ferry is the mighty Vic Falls on both the Zimbabwe and Zambian side. Because if its location, Kasane is in an excellent position allowing travellers to benefit from easy access to stunning areas in all four countries.

A recent regional development has placed Kasane right in the middle of arguably he world’s largest transfrontier conservation area. The Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA), spans some 444,000 km² was setup to enhance the conservation of biological resources, and represents a unique cooperation between five countries including Angola.


There are three main focuses of activity in Kasane and they centre around the Chobe River, Chobe National Park and Vic Falls.

Most Lodges and camps facilitate a wide range of activities including day trips to the National Park extending to full Mobile Camping Safaris to other regions in Botswana.

The Chobe River serves as a base for many excursions. The region is a big fishing area and its location and physical connection with the kasai channel and the Zambezi means that there are many operators offering fishing here at all levels. Please contact us for further information on fishing safaris.

The Chobe River also allows for many of the Lodges to provide excellent boat cruises into the Chobe National Park itself. Sunsets on one of these boats are one of the best spectacles that Botswana has to offer, or perhaps just float down and chance upon a pride of lions drinking at the waters edge.

Due to Kasane’s close proximity to Vic Falls in neighbouring countries, many of the accommodation establishments offer day trips to see the “smoke that thunders”. Please view our Safari Lifestyles Tours which all offer Vic Falls as an add-on..

Kasane Accommodation

Generally, due to its location on the great Chobe River and the fact that the town itself is regarded as a tourist destination, Kasane offers some excellent accommodation choices with some quite high end Lodges such as Chobe Safari Lodge, Chobe Marina Lodge and Chobe Chilwero. These are not the same type of lodge that you would find in the private concessions or National Parks themselves as they are mutli-bed accommodations, some with well over 60 rooms. They do however offer excellent services and are a real treat when arriving back from a safari.

The main lodge in the Kasane Forrest Reserve is Elephant Valley Lodge, which is a smaller more traditional and beautiful lodge in an excellent wildlife setting.

More affordable accommodation can be found at sites such as Thebe River Safaris, The Garden Lodge and Toro Safari Lodge.

Perhaps you would prefer to spend your nights sleeping on one of the more impressive houseboats in the region such as the Chobe Princess or the Zambezi Queen. Please contact us for further information

There are many accommodation options available to you in Kasane and we advise you to look at our options available to you below, or contact us for an up to date and more informative opinion.

Lodges in Kasane

How do you get to Kasane?

Self Drive

Self Drive Clients are able to drive through the parks.

Different to Mobile Tented Safaris, you are able to stay in remote public campsites in very rich wildlife area. These campsites will mostly have ablutions.


Kasane, being a town, is not really supposed to be a wildlife area as such, however it is not uncommon to see wild animals in the town itself.

The Kasane Forest Reserve and Chobe National Park are right on the doorstep, for further information on the wildlife specific to these areas, see our page on the Chobe River Area.


The peak season for an area can differ and is dependent on wildlife movements and the weather itself


Peak Season

Weather Sun

Winter is between June and October.

Considered the dry months, The water of Chobe start to recede during this period, opening up to drier floodplains

As the water recede on the river, they also disappear from other drinking spots leaving the river as the only choice for thousands of animals.

Off Season

Weather Rain

Summer is between November and May

Considered the rainy season. Depending on the year, the rains can be heavy or light and have the effect of filling up waterholes far and wide.

The Chobe River itself starts to fill to its peak during this season.