Family Safaris
... parents can have fun too
Family Safaris
... parents can have fun too
Family Safaris
... parents can have fun too
Family Safaris
... parents can have fun too

Adults can have fun too...

Kids love the outdoors and being “wowed” by whats around them. They have a natural appreciation for animals and wildlife and getting them close to nature is sometimes the very best education.

Bringing them on our family safaris to Botswana is easier than you think. Over the last few years safaris here have become much more open to families with better accommodation and routes, together with specialist guiding.

The key is that it is very safe… and we don’t mean for the children… we mean for the parents! You may think its stressful with the worry of wild animals and fence-less camps… however, considering just how wild this country is, you soon realize that everyone is well looked after. You can relax in the knowledge that, as a parent,  you will also enjoy your safari knowing that your children will witness the stuff of dreams and be educated in the real outdoors, all whilst in the comfort of a secure environment.

Family Safaris - Accommodation

Family Safaris, as with most of our safaris here in Botswana, have two options – Lodge Safaris and Mobile Tented Safaris. Which one you chose to come on will dictate the type of accommodation you have. Lodges are quite plush and house families in large units whereas Mobile Tented Safaris provide you with very good tented accommodation which moves with you as you travel to different locations.

Kids stay close or share with an adult
Machaba family tent
Chitabe Family unit
Chitabe Family unit

Lodge Safaris

These work beautifully with kids as after your activities you get back to a nice big comfortable lodge where it feels more like a home from home. ….  As you are on a lodge safari, you will be staying with other guests whilst at the accommodation. Each lodge in Botswana has differing policies towards age and activity limitations for children. Please contact your Safari Lifestyles specialist for all the details and the very best advice.

Mobile Tented Safaris

It is always possible for your family to join in on one of our scheduled departures. These, like some lodges, may have limitations as to the age of the kids who travel. However, we find that most Mobile Tented Safaris for families are best served as a Tailor Made option…. this gives you complete freedom of where and when to go. Tailor Made options are private for just you and your families, so are much more relaxed in their age limitations.

Kids with bruises....

Boys will be boys as they say…. and children are adventurous by nature. Coming on safari for a child is a magical exploration way better than Harry Potter, because it actually exists….

There are of course wild animals and big thorns and insects which bite…. but its really not that bad here at all. By nature children are inquisitive, but they are supervised the whole time. Much of this is of course the job of any parent, but all guides here are trained to look after you. Even Malaria is not a huge issue here…

Its perfectly safe and kids will walk away with a new outlook!…

Some Safari Options For You

We have hand picked some great examples of safari Lodges catering brilliantly for kids … there are many more options but these are a great start…. With loads more options its best to contact us for a better idea.

Camp Kalahari


Seba Camp

Okavango Delta

Young Explorers

Okavango Delta

Duma Tau


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