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Mobile Tented Safaris

A Mobile Camping Safari is closer to the traditional view of what a safari should be. Livingstone would have traveled up through southern Africa with his oxen and horses, backed up by a full compliment of staff and would carry everything with them that they needed for months of travel. They would set up camp for a few days at a time, then pack up and move the whole ensemble to the next destination. Your mobile campsite is often erected for you whilst you enjoy the bush.

Essentially our Mobile Safaris are the modern equivalent of Livingstone’s. The main differences are that the locations are chosen for their wildlife and scenic value and the oxen are replaced by a more comfortable modes of transport. You will still experience what some of the great pioneers experienced, and nothing gets you closer to the bush than a Mobile Tented Safari.

Mobile Tented safaris are Perfect for...

Below are some the best attributes of a Mobile Tented Safari

A Mobile Tented Safari is ideal if you have a group of 4 or more as you can undertake a private safari for you and your friends

Similarly, whereas its not so easy to get you and your family to lodges, which may not have room for your family, you and the kids can enjoy some time close with each other and not have to worry about other guests. Book a private safari for just your family.

Staying in canvas tents in completely unfenced and private campsites within the National Parks… This is as close as you can get to the wildlife around you, as the game often wanders through camp.

A Mobile Tented Safari is a great way to save a little. These safaris can be far less expensive than a lodge safari, but they don’t skimp on service and adventure. There are “no-frills” safaris right up to the luxurious here.

Whether departing on a scheduled trip or a private mobile safari, you can choose your own timescale to suit the time you can get away from it all.

Set Departures or Tailor Made?

Scheduled Mobiles

The majority of the Mobile Safari industry within Botswana operates on the basis of a set departure date and set route. Generally this means that if you book on one of these mobile safaris, then you will be joining a group of other like-minded people and will have the benefit of choosing one of the many departure dates available throughout the year for the trip.

Tailor Made

Outside of set departures, you have the ability to book a Mobile Tented Safari and choose your own departure date and work on any route you wish to take. This is more suitable for private bookings or a family or group. The price of these Tailor Made trips can be more expensive than Set Departures and is dependent on the number of people travelling.

Mobile Categories

We think of Mobile Tented Safaris as being classified into three categories, each describe in general terms what you can expect. We would like to stress that these categories are not absolute so we would urge you to study in detail each safari listed on the “Scheduled Mobiles” button above, in order to establish exactly what each one has to offer.


Well… as far as possible in the African bush, no expense is spared here… and these Luxury Mobiles are certainly fully serviced. Generally these will be Tailor Made; often planned to use permanent or semi permanent tented camps as well as full mobile camps within private areas or National Parks. They will have the highest standards of accommodation including a dinning area and lounge and the specification of the tents will be first class, of a very good size, sometimes even including a bath.

Food on these mobiles will be of near gourmet standard and very good wines will often be provided for your libation.

Professionally Converted 4x4s
Beautifully appointed tents
Luxury rooms
Super breakfast lunch and dinners
Fully stocked bars
Campsites right in the bush
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Pretty much as it states. This reflects the level of accommodation and “frills” included. Tents will generally be a Dome Tent with shared ablutions amongst the group. Some Budget Safaris may provide a mattress but no bedding, which can either be brought by the client or hired from the operator. Meals can be more basic and drinks will generally not be supplied free gratis.

Budget Safaris are classed as “participation” safaris and will be a set departure. A great way of experiencing as close to a real expedition as possible is to get more involved. These mobile safaris will often be provided with a guide who is also the cook. The guests will be required to help in the preparation of the meals and the putting up and breaking down of camps.

The term Budget Safari is partly a misnomer, as although you are required to help in the day-to-day chores, you still travel to the same areas and experience the same game as the more expensive mobile safaris. They are designed to make your trip more affordable.

Classic Campsite
All drinks are provided
Excellent quality food
Classic tent rooms
Meru tents
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Budget options are usually scheduled safaris but can also  be private departures… They can also range from being “Part Participation”, meaning you help with minor chores in camp like putting up tents, and can not include any alcoholic drinks which are extra… But they can be fully services as well.

Generally a budget option will be a much smaller tent with a sleeping bag and a mattress, and you generally will not get private ablutions.

These budget mobile tented safaris do still travel to the same areas and stay in the same campsites as their more Classic or Luxury options.

Budget tents
Custom built vehicles
Filling breakfasts
Budget touches
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Top Tips

A word about animals...

In all instances during a mobile tented safari you will probably find yourself in private campsites right in the middle of a wildlife area. Animals are free roaming in Botswana and there are no fences like you may find in Kruger, South Africa, for instance.

Animals are free to wander in and out of camp as they wish, this includes elephants and predators such as lions. During the day animals are often skittish and may stay away. At night its a bit different and many nocturnal species such as hyena will positively investigate your camp mainly looking for tit bits of food left over.

In all cases you are perfectly safe… animals do not like humans and see you as a major threat. Whatever tents you are in, it will be on the ground and animals may at night come very close, they do not however see you, rather they just see a tent like shape.

Common sense prevails. Where campsites are used regularly, animals such as elephants may come very close during the day to seek out feeding grounds such as a camel-thorn tree they have been eating from for decades. They can see you easily and feel comfortable in approaching your camp. You should keep your distance at all times… its still a wild animal

In all instances, listen to your gude
You are perfectly safe
…and remember to have fun!