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A Scheduled Mobile Tented Safari is as close as you can get to an African expedition. You move through the most prolific wildlife regions in Botswana, and your camp moves with you. Staying in non permanent structures, a team of staff pack down the tents for you and erect the camp in a new location for your arrival.

The only difference here may be for a budget safari, where you may be asked to help out in camp. But with the Classic and Luxury options, all the work its done for you.

These safaris have set departure dates and a maximum number of travellers, so it its easy to join in a like minded group.

Campsites are remote and private, and with no fences, so animals can and do wander through camps freely.

This is as close as you will get to being with wildlife

Below you will find a complete list of our Scheduled Mobile Camping Safaris. We know that the two most important factors to you and COST and TIME.

We have designed the mobile tours below to be viewed in two ways….  Firstly looking at cost, we have split them into BUDGET, CLASSIC and LUXURY SAFARIS.

Secondly we split them in to the rough duration of the safari… either up to one week… or up to 15 nights plus…  In this way you know how you can maximise your time on safari within the given dates you have on holiday, without going through too may options.

There could be more available so its a good idea to contact us to see what else we can do for you.

Please click on the individual links below to direct you to the individual mobile pages

0 to 7 nights

8 to 15 + nights