Make a Payment

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Thank you for deciding to book your safari with Safari Lifestyles

There are various ways in which you can pay us for your Safari :-

1. International Bank Transfer

Your invoice will provide you with our bank account details for you to send us a normal international bank transfer.

2. Credit Card

Pay with your credit or debit card via our secure online payment gateway.
Using this method, your card details remain completely secure.
We accept payments for all VISA and Mastercard cardholders using this method.
Bank charges of 4.5% apply for payment with credit or debit cards.

Please ensure that this 4.5% for card payments is included when paying by credit card. You can check your Safari Lifestyles invoice to make sure this has been accounted for.

If you wish to pay by credit card, we will send you an online invoice for you to use with your card.

How does it work?

1. Fill in the country where you will be paying from and all details under Book a Quote.
2. Fill in if you’d like to pay as Individual or as a Company
3. Choose if you’d like to Pay with Credit Card or EFT ( Bank Transfer)
4. Choose the invoice currency as the currency quoted on your Safari Lifestyles invoice.
5. Fill in the Invoice or Deposit Amount from our invoice.
6. Click on Get Quote.  You will now see the best Exchange Rate available for your payment.

Now simply complete the extra Payer Details in the right column.
Accept the 3 Terms & Conditions in the Confirm and Pay section below and click the Pay Now button to process the payment.

You will be notified via email with details of a local bank in your own country to which you need to pay the invoiced amount.

For more information and help on how to complete the form, you download simple instructions here

Please note:
Our online system, in partnership with Exchange4Free, currently supports over 100 countries for EFT payments, and credit card payments.

Should your country not be listed, please contact us to make alternative payment arrangements

Clients from USA

If you reside in USA and are paying from a US account or US credit card… payment options remain the same. However, due to regulatory requirements in the US, there are are different payment methods involved.

Please contact you Safari Lifestyles representative for for information