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Photography Safaris

Professional or Amateur

Over a number of years now, Safari Lifestyles has hosted many photographers in Botswana for their photographs safaris. We ourselves do understand the passion and all wildlife images on our website were taken by us on safari.

Simply out… there are two ways to make the most out of a photography safari here in Botswana, and these are best serviced with a Lodge or Mobile Tented Safari.

We have learned that when it comes to it, actual photographic tuition whilst on safari is not as important as access to great areas an getting close to wild animals… Fortunately this is what we do best and is why we are able to offer you the best photography safari possible.

Let’s have a look at your options.


The best wildlife areas in Botswana for photography are dominated by the private concessions. It is in these concessions where you find the lodges.

The benefit of staying in a lodge for a photographic safari is that you will be the only people in the whole wildlife areas. You willl also be guided by someone who knows the terrain and wildlife areas intimately.

To take full advantage in a lodge it is advisable to hire a private vehicle and guide. In this way you  can stay out for as long as you like and do not have to go back for meals if you are on a very good sighting.

You also get the vehicle to yourself or for the private group you are with, thus maximising space to move around.

Generally in most private concessions, the guide and vehicle are allowed to travel fully off-road to follow game… this can be a big advantage for the best photography.


Mobile Tented Safaris

A Mobile Tented Safari for photography is beneficial in that it’s generally a less expensive option than a Lodge for a photography safari.

This is more of an expedition and is ideal for small groups or individuals. You can travel from location to location and the camp moves with you.

Staying in large tents with private en-suite facilities, you are still very comfortable whilst taking advantage of the National Parkes of Botswana.

The campsites used are industry campsites and are totally private to you, often very far away from others and affording you the experience of being right in the middle of wildlife areas in a totally unfenced site.

Again, professional guides are used who know the areas intimately, and are experienced in positioning a vehicle for photography.


Other options

There are other ways to experience wildlife photography here in Botswana… such as a helicopter excursion.

With a helicopter we take the doors off (dont worry… you are perfectly safe) so that you have an unhindered view of the wildlife areas from above. The Okavango Delta is a World Heritage Site of outstanding beauty, and to photograph its wildlife from the air is a unique experience.


We are the real experts because we are photographers, and we live here

So contact us for all the advice you need and let us plan you perfect Botswana Photography Safari.

Top Tips

In all instances, listen to your gude
You are perfectly safe
…and remember to have fun!