Botswana Wildlife Safaris

Terms & Conditions


1) Zatec (PTY) Limited Trading As Safari Lifestyles, with its agents and associates, is hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY and the passenger is referred to as the PASSENGER.


2) The PASSENGER warrants that he/she has the authority to conclude this booking and the contract between the COMPANY and the PASSENGER.


3.1) Acceptance by the COMPANY of the booking shall be evidenced by forwarding to the PASSENGER or agent of an invoice, indicating an amount due by the PASSENGER to the COMPANY, and the PASSENGER making payment of the non-refundable deposit, being equal 20% of the package fee. The non-refundable deposit percentage may be changed by writing to the PASSENGER.


3.2)  The PASSENGER having placed a booking shall not be entitled to withdraw or cancel the same without the COMPANY’S, and that of the COMPANY’S operators written consent.


4) In the absence of a signed booking form, the invoice shall substitute to confirm the contract between the



5)    If you are a "no show," the Company shall be entitled to treat the PASSENGER’S reservation as cancelled without having given the Company any notice.


5.1) The full amount due shall be payable to the COMPANY not less than 30 days prior to the arrival date.


5.2) Should the booking be cancelled by the PASSENGER for whatever reason, the deposit will be forfeited and cancellation penalties will apply according to the following scale:


• Between 8 and 4 weeks prior to arrival - 50% of the full value of the reservation will be forfeited;


• Less than 4 weeks prior to arrival and No Shows - 100% of the full value of the reservation is forfeited.


5.3)  The COMPANY cannot be held liable for any delays or additional costs incurred as a result of airlines not running to schedule, weather or any other matters beyond our control. Nor can the COMPANY be held responsible for any other delays beyond our control. Please ensure you have sufficient insurance cover to cover delays or cancellation of flights or any other event.


6) Prices include only what is indicated and do not include the costs of visas, vaccinations, insurance, or such items required.


7) The PASSENGER acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to ensure he/she is in possession of all necessary travel documents, including any health and other certificates that may be required.


8) It is compulsory for the PASSENGER to ensure that he/she has adequate travel insurance for the duration of the trail, and the COMPANY reserves the right to demand proof of such insurance.


9) The PASSENGER acknowledges that the price and itinerary disclosed and accepted, may be varied by the COMPANY without notice to the PASSENGER, at the discretion of the COMPANY, and provided the itinerary is not substantially different from the itinerary anticipated by the PASSENGER. This will not constitute grounds for cancellation of the contract, nor variation of the terms thereof.


10)  The COMPANY shall endeavor to ensure that all anticipated accommodation is available as planned. In the event that a change in the accommodation shall be necessary, for whatever reason, the PASSENGER shall have no claim of any nature whatsoever against the COMPANY.


11)  The PASSENGER acknowledges that there are dangers and risks inherent in staying in a wilderness area and the

PASSENGER agrees to accept all such risks connected with or arising from this.


12)  The PASSENGER indemnifies and holds harmless the COMPANY, it’s employees, agents or affiliates, against any loss or injury that may be sustained or arising from the stay, whatever the cause and whether or not it may have been caused by any negligent act or omission on the part of the COMPANY, its management, employees, agents or associates. The PASSENGER waives all rights of any nature whatsoever that he/she, his/her assigns, successors in title, dependents or heirs may have against the COMPANY.


13)  The PASSENGER acknowledges that the COMPANY has appointed staff who shall be in charge of the camp and all matters relating thereto, and the PASSENGER agrees and undertakes to comply with the staff members legitimate requirements.


14.1) The PASSENGER agrees and undertakes that he/she will at all times comply with the COMPANY’S requirements in regard to his/her conduct, and he/she will not in any way constitute a nuisance to any other person at the camp.


14.2) If a PASSENGER constitutes a nuisance to the COMPANY or any other client, the COMPANY shall be entitled to terminate the COMPANY’S booking and refuse to permit the PASSENGER to continue with their itinerary.

In this event the PASSENGER shall be responsible for making his/her own further travel arrangements at his/her own cost. In these circumstances the COMPANY shall not be liable to make any refund to the PASSENGER, who will have no claim of any nature whatsoever against the COMPANY.


15)  The COMPANY has the right to use any photographs or film produced during any of its activities for any purpose whatsoever without having to request permission from, or to make any payment to any PASSENGER.


16)  This contract between the COMPANY and the PASSENGER shall be deemed to be concluded in Maun, Botswana and shall be interpreted according to the laws of Botswana.


17)  These conditions constitute the entire terms of the relationship between the parties. There exist no other terms and conditions regulating their relationship.