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Walking Safaris

in the footsteps of lions

With a country the size of France and with a tiny population…. Botswana is a massive land mass nearly dedicated to wildlife… There is no better place to undertake a walking safari. You will not see any sign of human habitation, nor will you be escorted out of sight of a boundary fence, as there are none.

The eerie and perfect silence is never marred by the sound of a game viewer… your heart races as you approach elephants… you see things differently and learn everything in more detail… tracks and “spoor” become the new game as you identify what has passed. Not much is more exhilarating than a walking safari in the one of the wildest places on earth.

so get your walking boots on...!

How dedicated are you?

With over 100 lodges on northern Botswana, many of them offer walking excursions of some type, and then there are those camps who offer dedicated dedicated walking itineraries, such as our fabulous Adventure Trails in the Linyanti area, and the new walking safaris with David Foot.

There are some great camps which offer full on walking tours or unique experiences such as spending time walking with the San Bushmen. These are the very best in the walking safaris that Botswana can give you.

What are your options?

Effectively you can dip in and out of a walking trip by staying at some of the best lodges which offer them as excursions… or you can can take a full walking safari with a tour dedicated to this…

Have a look some possible options below and just click the link to get to the main pages

Abu Camp


Kalahari Plains


Camp Kalahari


Gunns Camp


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